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My Practice

    Mr. Martinson established his legal practice in 1986 after he received his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Texas Tech University.

    Formerly a named partner in the law firm of Martinson, Delvaille & Zarcaro PLLC, Mr. Martinson's practice consists solely of CDL / Class C Traffic Ticket Defense.

    He assists individuals and businesses throughout the State of Texas with his office located just outside Ft. Worth in Weatherford, Texas. He assists clients by telephone, fax, texting and email. He strives to make himself available for questions and advice on a daily basis.

    With over 33 years of legal experience, Mr. Martinson is highly qualified to practice law in the State of Texas. He accepts client referrals from other attorneys who trust his skills as well as from previous clients. His on-going hours of study each year in criminal defense ensures that he remains knowledgeable about the current laws and solutions to simple issues as well as the more serious.

    Keith believes that no matter what legal situation arises, you should know your options, get answers to your questions, and be confident that you are doing the most you can do to resolve your issues.

    To contact Mr. Martinson, e-mail Debbie@CDLTickets.com or call or text 817-229-5668.

    Call, text or e-mail for specific fees for your specific legal work. We will also be glad to answer general questions concerning the work that you need completed. We will estimate the time it will take to complete and explain any additional information that may be helpful.


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